Yoga con María - One to one yoga classes

One to one yoga classes

"Yoga is a gentle dance between breath and gravity"

Vanda Scaravelli

This type of gentle yoga can be practiced by everyone. The body loves the feeling of freedom and joy that comes after finishing. 

Individual Yoga: Traditionally Yoga was taught in this way, one by one the guru passed the teaching to his student. Today, there will be times in everyone’s life when it is more appropriate to receive yoga directly with the teacher, for example, when recovering from illness, during periods of stress and anxiety, recovering from an accident or simply to deepen you practice more spiritually. In this sense, yoga is a therapy for your health and well-being. It can really ease the recovery process and provide an oasis in each practice, creating a space for us of deep relaxation and reconnection. The model of receiving one-on-one practice is also an excellent way to get started in Yoga. 

How and Where: You will receive a personalized practice, which will be tailored to your needs. The duration of the class varies from 70 to 90 minutes including a small talk at the end of the practice. Yoga at home: A one-on-one session can also help you to ground your practice at home. The session may take place in your own home or in my studio. 

Some of the benefits of consistent yoga practice: It allows us to have an experience of deep relaxation and inner calm followed by a feeling of greater vitality and resilience. It strengthens the intuition so we live in a space of trust instead of fear and pain. It helps us to let go of the ego, when you take time to empty yourself, you end up feeling full of yourself.




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